This is a new page on the Shooters Den Webb Site. From time to time we are given consignments of firearms and parts that we feel offer exceptional values to our many customers. We try to keep prices for these items within the current market values and usually a little under. We appreciate a good deal as much as anyone.
Please check it out. Some of the items listed will not be found anywhere else.

Anschutz Model 52 Super Match .22LR
This is an older Anschutz target rifle designed for Olympic type competitive shooting. It comes with several accessories, including the original manual and factory test target, but does not include the rear sight. It was originally owned by Earl Burton, a National Champion level shooter. The Model 52 Super Match was the top of the line and still can compete against any of the newer target rifles being used today.  $1200 plus S&H.

National Match (AMU) M1 Garand
This M1 National Match rifle was built by Ted Brown to exacting AMU standards using excellent to new original late number parts. It includes all of the correct special NM parts used in type II NM rifles, Bisonite steel bedding, NM sights, and a GI NM barrel. The stock is Winig custom walnut with a nice satin finish. It is in the original .30-06 caliber and has only been test fired for function. The rifle is in new condition.  $3200 plus S&H

How about chrome lined standard barrels by Bula Forge? We have them in stock. These are Mil Spec, 22 inch full length barrels and brand new. Bula is no longer producing Chrome Lined barrels. As of October 2021 we have about 19 of these fine barrels left. $260 plus S&H. Yes we can install these barrels in your rifle.

Yes they do include the bolt roller not shown here. We only have five new Bula bolts remaining (October 2021). These are some of the best we've seen and a perfect fit in the receivers we've tried them in.  $200 ea. plus $8.50 Priority Mail.

Winchester Model 70 Target
Thsi Model 70 .30-06 target rifle was a Camp Perry trophy rifle presented to Earl Burton during the 1965 National Championships. It is in excellent condition, glass bedded, and equiped with a Canjar trigger. $1500 without sights, plus S&H.

Pre64 Winchester Model70 Feather Weight
This Winchester Feather Weight is in .270 and another of the collection from Earl Burton. It's been glass bedded and in otherwise excellent original condition. It may be the perfect hunting rifle.  $950 plus S&H.