Colt low number 1918 SAR
This is a really rare oportunity to own an exceptional, brand new, Colt 1918 semi-automatic version of the famous BAR. This rifle has never been fired. In fact the bolt has never been opened since it left the factory. It comes with a beautiful fitted Iatalian leather case, two magazines, leather sling, and accessories. The best part is it is serial number 7, one of the first 20 Colt held out for it's special customers. Toatal production is estimated at only about 125 of these fine rifles.
$10,200 plus S&H.

Winchester 1892 Delux Take Down Carbine
The perfect saddle gun. This Delux Winchester .44-40 is about as nice as one can want. It includes a curved pistol grip checkered walnut stock, buckhorn sights, saddle ring, and an octagon 20 inch barrel. It is a take down model so the barrel can be removed from the receiver, making it a very portable firearm. The rifle is new in the box. These list at $1789, but we are discounting this one to $1549 plus S&H.

Unissued M14 Field Gage Set
We have sold these sets in the past, but this one is by far the best we've ever run across. I use one in my shop daily and it looks like something that survived Nam. This one is brand new and unissued. I'd swap, but my old set works fine, even after inspecting thousands of M14 and M1A parts. It's complete and even comes in the original cardboard box and wrapper. The pin gages still have the original protective coating on them. If you need a set of gages, might as well have the best!
$1500 plus S&H

Remington/McMillan 40XC Stock
This excellent condition (less than 100 rounds through the original rifle) Remington Factory equiped McMillan fiberglass stock come with the original adjustable butt plate and check rest as well as the accessory rail. The bedding is for a Reminton 40XC heavy barreled target rifle with an integral magazine. It's the same action as a Remington 700 short action.  $450 plus S&H.

Here are a couple of samples of rifles built on GWLA receivers. The receivers are hot hammer forged and Nitrate finished. They have exceptional detail and are made to as close as possible to military specifications.